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Hello. I’m Kathy, A creative professional working in Des Moines, Iowa. Take a look around & don’t be shy.

I’m the Creative Services Manager at an insurance company, leading a team of six in-house writers and designers. We have the challenging job of marketing really complicated, intangible products (annuities) to people who are approaching retirement.

My specialty is digital design — visual design, prototyping, interaction design and front-end development. I’m always looking to expand my skill set, and my current role has pushed me into the realm of content strategy, editing and a bit of writing

I Make Sense Out of Messy Things

Paul Rand Quotation
Paul Rand

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.

Nolan Bushnell Quotation
Nolan Bushnell

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.

Web Design

I use design, code, and creative thinking to make websites smart, easy-to-use and effective. I can organize content, identify gaps, and suggest future enhancements that meet your audience’s goals.

Graphic Design

From logos to event collateral to multi-page magazines, I can bring your ideas to life and see them through to production. Check out my portfolio to see a sampling of work I have created for clients.

Email & Content Marketing

I build emails, maintain blogs, experiment with social media tools, and plan content strategy. I’m able to plan effective solutions when challenged with time, resource or technology constraints. .svg

Art & Illustration

From detailed drawings to quick idea sketches, I’ll jump at the chance to put pen to paper. I encourage the creative spark in everyone during collaborative work sessions.

Oh, & I Blog Sometimes

May 8, 2016

Personal branding for designers